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All services offered in person in Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, and York County as well as virtually. Schedule a free consultation to discuss needs and services.

  • Consultation for Services

    • Free initial consultation meeting to identify needs and services.


  • Dyslexia Therapy: Take Flight

    • Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia is a two-year curriculum written by the staff of the Center for Dyslexia at Scottish Rite for Children. Take Flight builds on the success of the three previous dyslexia intervention programs developed by the staff of Scottish Rite: Alphabetic Phonics, Dyslexia Training Program and TSRH Literacy Program.

    • Take Flight was designed for use by Certified Academic Language Therapists for children with dyslexia ages 7 and older. The two-year program is designed to be taught four days per week (60 minutes per day) or five days per week (45 minutes per day). It is intended for one-on-one or small group instruction with no more than six students per class.

    • Key Findings

      • Students who complete Take Flight instruction show significant growth in all areas of reading skill.

      • Follow-up research with children who completed treatment indicates that students maintain the benefits of instruction on word reading skills and continue to improve in reading comprehension after one year.

      • Take Flight is effective when used in schools by teachers with advanced training in treating learning disorders.

      • Students with the lowest reading skills acquire the strongest gains from Take Flight instruction.

    • Source:

  • Early Intervention

    • Phonological awareness, letter recognition, sound/symbol association, alphabet sequencing activities, and oral language activities including vocabulary, comprehension, listening, and verbal expression in order to prevent reading difficulties

  • Basic Reading Needs

    • I can provide instruction in basic reading needs, such as syllable types and comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and grammar for students who need additional support.

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